We have all played witness to a number of films genres ranging from comedy, romance, family drama. There are some of them, which catch and successfully depict the true and horrific reality behind closed doors. The instances of abusive marriages are extremely common in day to day lives of several women.

Did you know that every hour several women fall victim of succumbs to dowry related crimes at the hands of their own in-laws?

Both Hollywood and Bollywood are replete with stories showcasing these tyrannous tales. Most of the times the wife had to silently bear the abuse. On the other hand, few women dare to speak up.

Some of the films on domestic violence that one must watch to learn about the realistic side of lives are given below.

1. Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat (1997)

This is Rani’s debut movie and deals with the story of how a man named Raja (Shadab Khan) rapes a school teacher Mala (Rani Mukherjee) in a thirst to take revenge from her. After he is convicted of the crime by the court, she is eventually forced to tie the knot with her own rapist and then starts experiencing a new set of torture from her in-laws including her husband.

The tortures include attempts to get her killed in various ways and to get rid of her for the good.

Yet, she ultimately becomes successful in winning the hearts of every family member and is shown to get remarried to Raja with great pomp and joy.

Films on domestic violence: Raja ki ayegi Baraat

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