Kolkata, often referred to as the ‘City of Joy’ is one of the most populated cities across the world. In spite of the traffic and humid, hot weather, it indeed is the city of joy with a barrage of festivities strewn across the calendar. Stitched in places by the “circular rail”, the metro railway and the tram corporation, this metropolitan city was the main centre of activity of the British in the pre-independence era. The city is decorated by ruins of several buildings built in the pre-independence era, and if these walls could talk, then they would only tell tales rich in historical detail.

A number of these landmarks are steeped with tales of the metaphysical and the paranormal. Let’s take a look at some haunted places of Kolkata, that by morning bustle hums with the city’s population in every footstep and strikes fear without a question.

1. Ganges Ghat

The Howrah Bridge is not only known for its significance with respect to the city’s expansive railways, it is also a spot of historical significance. Early morning risers often bathe and pray at the ‘ghats’ from where the dark, murky waters are visible. The ghats themselves are notorious. Given the long extent of the same, they are divided into ferry ghats, a burial ghat and a bathing ghat.

Temples and seedy business have popped up next to all but the ferry ghat. The legends of the ghat are quite spooky.

The spot is known for many a deaths, mainly due to suicide, some due to drowning. Morning bathers have often told and retold stories of how at the crack of the dawn they have often heard screams or an odd hand floating above the water as if a drowning person is beckoning them for help.

The waters are not easily traversed because it is plenty deep at that point. Thanks to this element though few mishaps have occurred at this paranormal hot spot. The burning ghats themselves are apparently a hotbed for paranormal activities.

Every year, there are incidents of people witnessing a sobbing white lady, or a distant voice calling their name in a nasal, intoxicating tone that always lures them to their deaths or into a state of trauma that never leaves them after.

haunted places in kolkata

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