President Obama and PM Modi met recently, discussed issues over tea (chai pe charcha), and fascinated many people around the world with their ‘bromance’. The Times of India called them “NamObama”. But what do they have in common? Here are 5 reasons why Modi and Obama are similar.

5. Both are hated by their political opponents more than any other politician

PM Modi throughout his career has been thought of and called impotent, scorpion, snake, Bhasmasur (a mythical demon), Merchant of death, Nazi, Butcher of Gujarat & Mass-Murderer by his political opponents and their supporters. A decade-long witch hunt by the Congress-led UPA could find no evidence against him to prove the charges in the context of the 2002 Gujarat riots true.

President Obama has been asked to prove his nationality, called a secret Jihad-sympathiser and even a Communist. The internet is filled with loony conspiracy theories about his secret Muslim faith and alleged support for communism. Also, the conservative author Dinesh D’Souza indirectly pushed the “Obama is a communist” narrative in his documentary Obama’s America.

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