Food is something that we never want to deny. Food serves a major social purpose. Wherever we go, the first thing we seek for is food. But apart from them, another important factor is taste. Some prefer dominos while some like pizza hut whereas some are KFC freaks. But do you know these well known food brands can be harmful to your health. So, I’ve listed below some of your all time favorite brands and how they can affect your health.

1. Domino’s pizza.
Domino’s pizza is one of the top most famous brand. Their taste, innovative recipes, variety and quality makes people stick to their food.

Even though it is expensive, their delicacies attracts huge demands. But have you ever wondered about these famous food brands that are killing your health. Let’s see how hazardous substances are included in your favorite Domino’s pizza.

They have hidden monosodium glutamate (MSG) in them which is not good for health. It is said that MSG makes you addictive towards the food. It tricks your brain to believe that what you’re eating is delicious and makes you want more of it.

Here’s the menu from Domino’s that contains hidden MSG.

Food Item Ingredients containing MSG
Cheese Pizza Modified food starch, Flavors
Marinara sauce Maltodextrin, Hydrolyzed corn gluten, Yeast extract
BBQ Sauce Hydrolyzed soy protein, Autolyzed yeast extract
White Sauce Modified corn starch
Chicken Topping yeast extract, modified starch, disodium inosinate



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