Bollywood actresses who smoke a lot !

Want to know more about bollywood actresses who smoke ? We witnessed a number of actresses smoking on screen who actually smoke cigarettes in their real life. Some of them try to hide it from the camera but there are others who are proud of the lifestyle they have chosen for themselves (who cares).

(Smoking is harmful to health and we are not promoting cigarette smoking here. )

Here is a list of 5 Bollywood actresses who smoke a lot.

1. Sushmita Sen

This beauty queen who turned Bollywood actress is a smoker in real life. In short, she smokes a lot. But none of her smoking effects can be seen on her beauty unless you see her pictures without makeup. Sushmita says, she chooses what’s best for her, even smoking cigarettes in the times when she has a lot of working stress. Still she has maintained such an awesome physique with yoga, which probably none of us ever practice.

bollywood actresses who smoke

bollywood actresses who smoke

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