So I was going through the day’s news, and there were murders, rapes, robberies, financial embezzlements and everything that shouldn’t be existing as such, and I was just thinking that where is our conscience, where is that sense of humanity! And then a news made its way and said “here I am, humanity never dies”.

This is about a recent news where a 10 year old boy Girish Sharma, in Jaipur, was made the commissioner for a day. Yes, you heard it right! A 10 year old commissioner of police ruled the pink city for a day.

Son of a food-vendor, Girish Sharma is a native of Sirsa, Haryana, who is suffering from a life threatening kidney ailment and has been under treatment in SMS Hospital in Jaipur for the past one month. Due to this disease, he could barely manage to be in school as he needs continuous medical attention.

A team of “Make a Wish Foundation” visited him and asked him about any wishes he wants to make. Girish told them he wanted to be a cop and serve this society in a certain positive manner. The team went ahead and spoke about this with the Jaipur commissionerate for which he subsequently agreed and gave his assent to make him the commissioner for a day. Girish’s dream came true!
10 year old commissioner of police

He was given the authority and the seat of commissioner for a day by Srinivas Jagan Rao. The 10-year-old commissioner getting down from a white ambassador in his uniform of a Police Commissioner, uttered, “It’s really a dream come true to me, I always wanted to be a Police Commissioner and take on the criminals so that common people could live in peace. I don’t know how Police Officials work but I really feel good being in this uniform. It’s not about power but responsibility.”

It was a wonderful sight watching him receive the guard of honour from all the top notch Police officials. He even inspected the commissionerate and  moved forward receiving salutes from ACP’s and DSP’s. He left many eyes moistened when he took the seat of the commissioner. Elated by his presence, police officials flocked to take snaps with him and everyone present around wished a long life to him.

After this, he was taken to the Gandhi Nagar Police Station where it was informed earlier that “Commissioner Sahab aa rahe hain”, and hence the whole of the station was cleaned up. But everyone was in shock to see a little boy getting out of the Commissioner’s car in uniform. Afterwards, when everyone was informed by the senior officials about the situation, everyone present their saluted him.
10 years old commissioner of police

When asked about his other hobbies and doings, Girish said that he likes to sing and told that his favorite song is from the movie “Son of India”, Nanha Munha Rahi Hun. 

There are many things, which we never try to observe around us; one of them being the happiness of others and a smile on their faces. These incidences do remind us that even we can sometimes do things for others, which are capable of bringing smile on their faces.

Today, on behalf of my writing fraternity, I would like to salute this boy. I would also like to appreciate the commendable action of the concerned foundation and police, without which this would never have happened.


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