We are often taught in schools and colleges to be the light that brightens the society. But how many of us actually work to bring about a positive change? We are so busy sorting our own individual problems that we do not have time to contribute to the society. We try to cover up by giving alms to the poor once in a while or visiting a temple to wash away our sins. But that is not the case with these real life heroes who have been the cause of change in our nation.

Here are 10 people who have contributed to the nation in small, yet noteworthy ways. They have set an example that every Indian should follow with pride. They have tried to sort some of the major issues of India by creating a solution. Check out the ten real life heroes of India who definitely deserve a salute from us.

1. Uncle Moosa’s steps towards Education and Knowledge Spreading

Shree Sathyanarayan Mundayoor, who is commonly referred to as Uncle Moosa, has been encouraging education and knowledge in Arunachal Pradesh. He has encouraged reading in provinces that are bereft of knowledge as well as lack the value for education. He has left his government job back in 1979 and shifted to the North Eastern state in pursuit of a sensible living.

He has been encouraging the tribal children to read and increase their knowledge. He has opened several libraries to encourage children to return to their books and derive the knowledge and education they deserve. He was responsible for the Lohit Youth Library Movement in which several children’s books were donated by various significant trusts like Vivekananda Trust and Association of Writers.

real life heroes of India encouraging education and reading

Uncle Moosa

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